Talks in 2018

Thick and Dual Character Concepts, Hamburg, 17th March

Putting Pain in its Proper Place, Salamanca, 2nd May

tbd, Bochum, 9th-11th November

Selected Talks in 2017

The Importance of the Experiential Value for Transformative Decisions, Rome, 17th January

Imagination in Introspection, Antwerp,16th March

Truth and Assertion, Basel, 22nd March

Transformative Decisions, London, 17th May

Distinguishing the Phenomenal from the Cognitive, Hertfordshire, ESPP, 14th-17th August

No Knowledge Required, Munich, ECAP9, 21st - 26th August

Dual Character Concepts, Munich, 14th November

Wrong Emotions, Osnabrück, 2nd Conference of XPHI Group Germany, 16th - 18th November