Dual Character Concepts


funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation

Pascale Willemsen (Postdoc)

Pascale completed her PhD at the Ruhr University of Bochum in 2017.  Her research interests are in moral philosophy and metaethics, in moral psychology, as well as experimental philosophy. Please visit her website for more information: https://www.pascalewillemsen.com/

Lucien Baumgartner (PhD Candidate)

Lucien writes his PhD thesis on dual character concepts and generics. Lucien got his Master of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy from UZH (University of Zurich) in 2019.

Severin Frohofer (PhD Candidate)

Severin writes his PhD thesis on dual character and natural kind concepts. He received his Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Zurich.


                    Pascale Willemsen                       Lucien Baumgartner                            Severin Frohofer